are pleased to announce that Ian Stumpf has exclusively contributed, his Commended submission for the SCL Hudson Prize 2015.

Please follow this link to receive the full paper as a PDF


This paper adds support to the notion that Contractors’ head office overheads are, as a general rule (particularly where lost opportunity for turnover can be demonstrated), recoverable as a head of claim in construction contract claims for prolongation, using a formula-based calculation; the decision in Walter Lilly v. Mackay has brought further clarity to Contractors’ entitlement to these claims. This paper also sets out an alternative approach to the ascertainment of head office overhead costs where, it is submitted, the traditional formulae exaggerate the costs actually incurred by a Contractor as a result of a compensable Employer Risk Event.

Please follow this link to receive the full paper as a PDF



  1. Dear Madam or Sir,

    I ordered a copy of this paper but the e-mail I received was empty. Can you send me another e-mail with the paper as an attachment?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,


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  2. Hello I have subscribed to your tool kit to receive the head office paper but I have not been able to receive the paper. Please advise. Many thanks paul

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  3. Hi, I have subcrived the paper named above. I have received na email to download the paper, but the email had no link to perform the download. Can you, please, resend the email with the link? Thank you very much. Best regards. Carlos Morim


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